Alchemy is defined as a magical process of transformation, creation or combination.The precursor to chemistry In medieval times. In Tarot the Magician card is sometimes also referred to as the 'Alchemist'. One of the things this card represents is having the necessary ingredients available to create the magic or experience you wish to have.

Here's my point, it seems very magical and maybe to some a bit impossible to obtain. Especially when we are feeling like we are sitting in darkness and each movement that we need to make is like struggling to get through quicksand. We look everywhere outside of us for help. Friends, family, co-workers, therapists. And yes all of those people help but there are a few ingredients that we miss sometimes. And those reside within us. We get so lost in the darkness that we give it our power and our strength forgetting that we are most powerful, most strong. Especially when we reach out to our connection to Source, whatever Source is for YOU. That could be Buddha, Allah, God, Spirit, Nature or Father Sky. Along with Source, our loving support network here on Earth and our desire to achieve something better for ourselves we have the ingredients for a magical creation.

You bring them together, listen, listen carefully. Feel what serves you, can you see what you want to be different taking shape? Don't get caught up in the 'but I can't' or 'how' questions. Follow the vision, open yourself to it and believe it's possible. Do what you can, talk about it with the people you love & who love you and know that Source will provide the rest. But you must keep your senses alert so you can see the doors that open, hear the opportunities and feel within when it's time to say yes. All of this is alchemy at its best, a magical process of transformation/creation. You see alchemy isn't just about literally turning metal into gold. It's about turning darkness into light, transforming yourself into something better than you are, creating a life you want & deserve. You become the conduit become Source and what you want to create. If it's for your highest good you will succeed, if it's not you'll be directed elsewhere. That's why it's important to pay attention to ALL your senses!

Live.Grow.Be in Alchemy


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