Careful What You Wish For

You start with a simple statement whispered only within yourself. It's a thought that begins small and begins to grow and then you utter a statement to one person. Not THE person who will make the change in life with you but to someone that you can try the idea on for size. See their reaction and get their thoughts.

It goes ok and it feels safe to speak. So, you try one more time with someone else. Okay, that's pretty good too. They give a bit more feedback some food for thought. You go back to square one within, you rethink the idea and tweak a few things. This is it! It's the perfect plan. So you take the big step and you go to the top! You say, "I believe it's time for a change."

Now that change could be as small as a new paint color, new hairstyle (which for some is huge) or it may be a new car, a new house or moving to a new state. Here's what you need to remember, the universe is listening. That's right, it's eavesdropping especially on these conversations because it wants nothing more than to support you in achieving your dreams.

Now I'm not about to suggest that you get to sit back and enjoy the ride while it drops in your lap but doors begin to open. Or shut depending upon what it is you desire. It may take a matter of days or years but you will see movement. The shift begins and you had better be ready for the ride.

Here's my experience. I mentioned a few years ago that I wanted to move and long story short in the past few months my husband finally came to the same conclusion. The first open door and it stopped me dead in my tracks. All of the sudden I was faced with what I had been wanting and the fear of leaving what we had known for 25 years ground me to the earth.

Funny as I think about it I began to have issues with my knee which shows an inflexibility with moving forward. Wow, funny how we don't see our own stuff irregardless of what we do.

We have found our new home and it is exciting. But change is oh so difficult. Not all people want change but a lot of people do. I have always been one of them but this one is proving to be quite the hurdle. I am learning that although I enjoy change in some parts of my life there is the area of home that I feel safety in. It's not a bad thing and not a good thing, just what is. What I am finding most intriguing about all of this is that it's an area of myself that hasn't been challenged for many years and I think although it does cause me some fear, there's the underlying excitement of greeting that challenge.

When I think about it all and the worst that could happen....all that comes to mind is growth. And in the end that's one of the points to a life well lived in my book.

Live.Grow.Be in Change


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