When you're a person who is sensitive to energy around you it's difficult to be creative when you live in place that is filled with chaos. Which is the reason for my absence these past few weeks.

So what does one do when faced with these circumstances? It is difficult to find clarity and so sometimes you need to take a breather and leave the chaos. See the previous post It's Ok to Runaway. So what has this clarity brought today? Peace. Which seems so cliche this time of year, doesn't it?

But I've been thinking that the chaos is all around us at this time of year and wherever you go there it is. So if you're already living within chaos and want to leave to find peace, you're hard pressed to find a place right now that offers that. So I have some thoughts and maybe you do too. Together let's brainstorm and provide some ideas for everyone!

I've spent the morning driving around the countryside of Nebraska. I know a lot of you are thinking boring! But being from here it is 'home' and it is peaceful this time of year. Not a lot of traffic, people in small towns are pleasant and friendly for the most part. Take a drive east of Denver if that's where you are, EVERYONE is headed to the the opposite.

I also just heard about two meditation centers in Denver and where you are there may be something similar. Once is Lotus on Broadway and the other is Mayu Sanctuary.

And instead of hitting that ever popular coffee shop, you know the one, find the ones that are locally owned! Or that local tea shop. And go when it's during slow times NOT during the morning or lunch rush.

Here's a fun idea! Call that friend that's always up for something different and play hooky from work. Take an Uber or Lyft to a nearby bar at 2 in the afternoon and have cocktails! Now if that isn't peace!!!

How about a movie during matinee times and one that's been out for awhile so the theatre isn't crowded?

Just a few ideas to prompt you to go out and find some peace today. Peace in all the chaos can help spark some creativity in your life. And with the new year right around the corner we all need some creativity to set our intentions! Be sure and add your ideas and thoughts!!!

Live.Grow.Be in Peace


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