Coffee, Everywhere!

So, I thought coffee was the key to survival - refer to the first chakra! I had jury duty today and without thinking dressed in red and black (black is also considered a color for the first chakra). I was up early had a bag with water, coffee, a book, iPad and a scarf. Going through the security line my coffee empties out onto everything! No second cup for me, arrgghhh, and everything is dripping. Isn't coffee considered a tool of survival?? My first chakra was totally supported today! Starbucks, here I come!!!!

Ah well, onto the second the third chakras.

The second chakra is located right above the pubic bone and is associated with the color orange! It controls the reproductive organs, kidneys, gonads and legs. Emotionally it can affect our sexuality, self-esteem, digestion, relationships and just plain enjoyment of life. If you're experiencing lack of purpose, jealousy, bladder problems or sexual problems this could mean that this chakra is out of balance.

Located above the belly button but below the chest is the third chakra. The color is yellow and physically it controls the stomach, gall bladder pancreas, solar plexus, nervous system and muscles. Our metabolism, digestion, emotions and the energy of our nervous system lies here. Consider this your personal power center! Experiencing digestive issues, anger, fear, hatred or a negative desire for power can be a sign that you need some energy work in this chakra.

I'll talk about the 4th and 5th chakras next and who knows what story I'll have to share with you then! What color are you wearing today that shows the chakra you may need to be strengthening? Care to share???

Live.Grow.Be in Colors


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