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that Reiki can be used to help people transition when they're dying? It can help them in a variety of ways and thereby help the family and friends.

Having witnessed several people cross over it can be a time of anxiety for all involved but

especially for the person who is transitioning whether they are alert or not. A lot of people think they are not afraid of dying and that can be true but what we are afraid of is leaving our loved ones. Possibly to never see them or be with them again or leaving them in pain.

There can also be the concern that we haven't said everything we need to or we may 'see' our loved ones who have passed before us on the other side and that can be frightening at first. Or possibly we think it will be painful or we'll be alone.

Reiki can help reduce the anxiety and relax the patient/client. As the family and friends see and feel their loved one relax they calm down and can find peace in the process of saying goodbye. I'm not saying that it makes it easy for them to grieve their loss but the memory of the actual passing can be more pleasant. I remember watching my father struggle to stay in his human body even though he was unconscious at the time. As I gently laid my hands on his and sent him some Reiki energy he would begin to relax and not fight the inevitable. This is the memory I want to keep within my heart of him during his last days.

The other part that's important about receiving Reiki during transition is to close the chakras. This also enables an easier transition to the other side. Chakras are meant to strengthen us for our life here on the earth plane not for our journey afterwards. We will have all we need once we pass. Just as I include balancing the chakras during a regular Reiki session during a session for transition I close all the chakras to prepare for the crossing. And in cases where the patient is not able to give permission to receive the treatment it is permissible for a family member to do so. Consider Reiki for a loved one who is beginning the journey of transition to offer them some peace along the way.

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