Do You Feel What They Feel?

An empathic person can absorb the emotions of people around them and

sometimes internalize them to the point of feeling them so deeply they're not

aware if the emotions are theirs or another persons.  If you are empathic people are drawn to you for support, advice and strength.  They will walk away from an exchange with you feeling so much better and leaving you feeling drained and sometimes even worst for the wear.  It can be so uncomfortable for the empath to be in a crowded room or even out in the crowds during holiday shopping.  It becomes a chore even thinking about it.  The holiday season becomes a time of anxiety ridden emotions because of this not to mention the stress of just getting the day to day life necessities done.  Sound familiar to anyone?

There are ways to manage being an empath and enjoy life because being an empath is a blessing.  For one you need to prepare and protect yourself before you venture out on a daily basis.  Getting grounded and centered is the first course of business.  This means spending even five minutes in the morning in quiet meditation or quiet time.  Twenty minutes would be great if you can afford it!  Get comfortable and concentrate on your breathing, let your thoughts go (sometimes soft music can help), if you get stuck on a thought go back to concentrating on your breath.  If visualization works better for you, visualize your feet grounding to the earth and growing roots that reach to the center of mother earth.  Drawing from the energy there allow it to reach through the legs working up through the torso through the arms, the neck, the face, the head, out through the crown and reach out the crown of the head to the sky.  This completes the connection between mother earth and sky grounding you completely.  Stay in this connection and breathe.  Now before you end comes the protection.  Imagine a silver light pouring from the crown of your head around your entire body encompassing you in a beautiful silver bubble.  The intention of this bubble is that positive energy flows in and out but negative energy cannot penetrate.  Therefore when you walk out into the world for the day you have protected yourself from taking on the negative energy from others, remind yourself of this as you go through your day and if you begin to feel at any time that you're being drained, go through the process of reinforcing the bubble again.  It will only take a minute.

As time goes on the biggest lesson one needs to learn as an empath is to allow the emotions and energies to flow THROUGH oneself instead of holding onto them.  When we have a close friend or loved one who is going through a tough time we all too often say "I wish I could take this pain from you".  Saying this brings the intent that we want to take it over from them.  We need to let them know that we are there to listen and to comfort them.  With practice  you can visualize the energies flowing through like water washes through screen.

The blessing of being empathic?  You can feel life at a depth like no other.  You feel the energies of not just people but trees, animals, the wind and the shifting of earth.  So if you feel what they feel take a little time to prepare, protect and then enjoy.  A good reference if you think you're an empath is The Empath's Survival Guide by Judith Orloff, M.D.

Live.Grow.Be in Feeling


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