Exciting News...

I am writing to share some exciting and somewhat unexpected news regarding my business, as we move into year-end. A number of us light workers have been called to a project of sorts. We have been asked to be part of a Healing Collective in which we coach ourselves and the universe in the manner in which we coach our clients. It manifests as a mini-sabbatical of about 6 weeks, and then we head into the holidays. I am in the process of scheduling client appointments for January as placeholders. If you'd like to do this, we can pick a date/time, and we can always adjust things as it gets closer.  Lastly, as a "thank you" to clients for your patience during this time, I am offering a New Year's special of 2 sessions for $150 total. We can schedule the first one for January, and you can use the second anytime in the first quarter. (You can also use one package for two different family members.) With gratitude and many blessings

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