Family Matters

When people ask about the work I do I get a variety of responses, Some already know about Reiki, energy, dream interpretation and so on....they're really into that kind of thing. But others look at me as if I've lost my mind, simply just change the subject quickly or go on to tell me about their religious beliefs.

So when I had a couple of family members who asked me to balance their chakras over the weekend! Well, I was so honored and frankly a bit surprised. We had never really had a discussion about my work and to have them show interest let alone want some work done. This is a huge compliment to me for them to be open to what I do.

To be open to something new and gaining knowledge about your family or friends' interests strengthens and deepens the relationship. You don't have to buy into it, it's just being there and being willing learn. And even if you don't accept it do you have a problem continuing to listen and showing interest in how their work is going? If you do, check yourself. Is what they are doing hurting you, are they pressuring you to buy in, are they hurting others, do they support you in your chosen field? If none of these are true consider supporting them as they support you.

I also want to add here that none of my Reiki work is religious based. When I work with people I work within their belief system, I am only a conduit for the energy. I tell my clients who have a strong prayer based belief, for example, that Reiki working alongside their prayers can only be stronger. I will provide the Reiki as a complementary vehicle. I support and respect all people with different belief systems. My job is not to judge it is only to support and help in anyway I can to optimize your journey.

So when you're with family and friends next time take a minute to ask about what's important to them. It could be their happiness, family or it could be about work that they do that you don't really understand. Show some interest and see how they light up!

Live.Grow.Be in Openness


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