Flight or Fight OR Release?

So we got moved and I have been out of touch for awhile for that reason. The packing was overwhelming and the surprising part was it wasn't that difficult parting with the old house or town. As I reflect on it I see that it was validation that it was time to move on and our journey had been completed there.

We moved into the new house with such excitement fully knowing that there would be remodeling going on around us. No problem, we've remodeled before and this is old hat to us. Failing to take into account that when we had remodeled before we weren't just moving into the house, we needed to pack appropriately and we had remodeled a floor at a time not both at once. Just a few things we didn't think about.

We have stressed a little, laughed a bit and shopped more. A video of us running back and forth and up and down through this house searching for the box with the pots and pans, office stuff or the infamous bag with the mattress pad would be entertaining I'm sure. I swear that mattress pad grew legs and ran away, would not blame it! During all of this I have had a few clients. Amazing to see how everyone is going through changes and shifts of their own in different ways.

Life is full of change. Some we initiate such as a job change, a marriage, children. Others we don't like the death of a loved one, getting laid off, divorce. Some of us embrace change in our lives, we look forward to something new. It's like a spring rain in our lives that brings new growth and cleans out the musty smell of a long winter. For others it can be a terrifying experience. That dark cellar in an old farm house where no one has gone for years. We go through a fight or flight response and the adrenalin courses through us leaving us in a state of panic. The stress rises further and we begin to question every move.

I propose a third response, Release. Release into the change. Whether the change is happening by your own hand or not. Either way the change is going to happen. Your response to that change can have some affect on the outcome. If you're fighting your way through the change you're doing so with tension. If you're running away from change it will follow. If you can release into it then you give it a chance to flow through and around you.

Learn the lessons that the change provides you, take control of the change where you can and when you take that breath to release you may just find the strength you've always had to face the change. I'm not saying that you stop the emotions that come with the change what you do is stop the questioning. The what if's, should I, could I have....these statements do us no good. They prevent us from growth and also limit us from truly experiencing what is happening presently. Is it normal, yes. Helpful, absolutely not, it will lead you down a rabbit hole. If you release into the event it allows the emotions to rise up and through.

Now, of course, there are situations where I would suggest you have a friend or even a professional with you. Moments of trauma and loss. Never should those emotions go undealt with or alone.

So when the next wind of change blows in your direction instead of fight or flight, why not give release a chance.

Live.Grow.Be in Release


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