Focus, Where Have You Gone?

Ever since the first of the year I have lost all focus. I feel like I've been lost in a fog. As I read up on the Super Blood Wolf Moon the past couple of days it stated that the beginning of year would feel just like that. A wandering with no real direction but with this moon/eclipse it would bring some energy and it was a time to really focus on what serves you and release what no longer serves you. Whew! There's one piece of the puzzle.

Also, I realized that I haven't done my vision board for the year. Most of you have heard of this I'm sure, everyone does them differently. Some think of them as a board of resolutions for the year but I think of them as what I want to create for the year. Creating more peaceful energy in my home or certain relationships, the intention of creating a spiritual retreat or being open to new experiences. When I create my board and have it in a prominent place in my office it give me focus for the year and keeps me grounded somehow. Let's hope this is a 2 piece puzzle!

Does a vision board do the same for you? And how do you create your vision board? I usually do mine with pictures from a magazine and create a collage but I'm thinking that I might change it up this year and journal. I haven't journaled in awhile and feel the yearning to do so. That intuition is talking to me and as you know, when it's yammering at you it's important to listen and act on it. So, here I go off to find my focus and create my vision board. Have you done yours this year!?

Live.Grow.Be in Focus


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