Giving and Receiving...

I have been thinking lately about the art of giving and receiving. And I do believe it is an art. There's a grace about it all. A grace in giving to people so that they feel loved and nurtured instead of feeling like they are being a burden to you or as if they are a charity case. That you want to share your heart, possibly your abundance (whatever that may be) and your time. Most of us feel the joy that it brings us to do something for others. To be in a place where we can help and make another persons life better or possibly easier. Even if it's for a moment or for a day. We like making a difference.

Where we typically have a problem though is in the art of receiving. And forget about asking for the help, that's too much of an imposition for sure! But what we fail to consider is that we are blocking other people from experiencing that same feeling of joy that we experience when we give to others. And when you stop to think about it, isn't that kind of selfish of us? We want to keep that joy all to ourselves and not allow others to have that same warmth wash through them. And yes there are those people who take advantage. You know the ones who are constantly taking and taking but never seem to give. But are you the one who gives and gives but resists receiving?

Think of the times that you're invited to someones house for a dinner party and you insist that you bring the dessert, won't take no for an answer. You find such joy in this because you know how much time and energy they're putting into getting ready for this party and you're helping. It eases the strain for them a bit and they are so grateful for the help! But when you host the dinner party you insist that no one bring a thing! You just won't allow it. What you've just done is blocked the pathway for them to feel the happiness and fulfillment of being able to help you. Maybe just because you have this need to be self sufficient or a "I can do it myself" kind of person. Stop! Step out of yourself enough to think of others once in awhile.

We mask it as, oh but I want them to have a relaxing evening. I don't want them to be burdened. Next time you have those thoughts run through your head, reconsider. Maybe it's more about your own ego than about what YOU'RE trying to do for them. Just a thought.

Live.Grow.Be in Receiving


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