Happy New Year,

it's good to be back! The new website is up and I'm anxious to share it with all of you. I must admit that a couple of weeks respite was kind of nice although even though it was a break from posting there's always a lot of transformation going on beneath the surface. My dream time was quite busy and it was quite obvious that a lot of changes were going on or are going to happen. How do I know or how can you tell? There can be plenty of ways and each can be personal to you.

I remember one dream where I was being dragged by a car and as I was being dragged the only thing that was happening to me that was drastic was that out of the side of my left facial cheek a bunch of gray, dirty hairy looking cords were being pulled out of a hole. It was disgusting but at the same time it felt so good. I knew the cords were not just coming from my head but from deep within my core. The feeling in the dream I had was one of slight fear but I also felt I had to relax into it out of necessity. When the car stopped I stood up, slightly battered but feeling empty within...a good empty! Like I was ready for something new.

Yes, I do have vivid dreams all the time ever since I was a child. I won't go into a lot of depth in explaining every detail of the dream but there are a couple of highlights that explain right away to me the meaning. Of course first and foremost are the cords being ripped out of me as I am being dragged along. They're gray and dirty which tells me that they are no longer for my highest good so it's a form of detoxing. Another thing that's important to notice are my emotions in the dreams. I'm not really frightened or in pain. I'm surrendering to the process and seem quite content. Last but not least, the cords were coming out of my left side which is the side of receiving. Even though the detox is happening on the receiving side it shows me that it is leaving space for me to RECEIVE something new. What really filled me with anticipation was that this happened a few days before the new year!

Our dreams are so full of messages for us. It's a matter of acknowledging them and taking a bit of time to learn what they're saying. I hear from a lot of people who say they don't dream which just isn't so, they just don't remember. But everyone can learn to. It's as simple as leaving a pen and paper next to your bedside and when you go to bed have the intention to remember. It's not going to happen right away but keep at it. And you're not going to remember a lot, maybe just a color or a face, but if you write that down in time you will remember more and more. And then let me know when I can help you start working through them! Dream symbols can be very personal and not just be found in any interpretation book, although they help.

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Live.Grow.Be. in Dreams


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