Heart & Soul..I Mean Throat

How appropriate that we talk about the 4th chakra which is the heart the week of Valentines! Located at the center of the chest it controls the heart (duh), circulatory system, arms, hands and lungs. This chakra energizes the physical body and circulation of the blood. Some signs that you may be unbalanced in this area are heart issues, circulatory problems and emotional instability. Green can activate this chakra as well as pink!

The fifth chakra is the throat and the color is blue. The organs are the thyroid, throat, mouth, upper lungs, parathyroid and hypothalamus. Your speech, communication and sound are the functions associated with this chakra. Throat clearing, coughing, depression, thyroid problems and lack of discernment are some of the issues associated with a balance issue.

What the hell, let's blow through the last two!

One of my favorites is the third eye located in the center of the forehead between the eyebrows! Indigo is the color here and it controls the pituitary gland, left eye, nose, ears and spine. This chakra vitalizes the lower part of the brain, the central nervous system and vision. Are you experiencing a lack of concentration, fear, headaches, eye problems, bad dreams or tension? Better get this chakra balanced!

Now for the top, #7, the crown chakra at the top of the head. Beautiful color violet. This also controls the central nervous system in addition to the pineal gland, cerebral cortex, and right eye. And if you hadn't guessed it yet....the crown chakra vitalizes the upper brain. Confusion, alienation and a lack of inspiration are some of the indications of a problem with this chakra.

There's an easy way to remember the colors associated with the chakras. Do you remember the colors of the rainbow: ROYGBIV! Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. You can also use stones and crystals to activate these chakras, it doesn't balance the chakra just activate them. I'll list some suggested stones/crystals from 1-7: black tourmaline, cornelian, citron, jade, blue topaz, amethyst and clear quartz. One warning, you can use malachite on the heart chakra but it is a powerful stone and can cause sudden emotional upheaval especially if you have leftover emotional trauma. In this case consider using a rose quartz (pictured above).

There you have it, some basic information on your seven chakras! I hope you've found it interesting and helpful. If you feel that you need help in balancing these chakras let me know, I'd love to be able help!

Live.Grow.Be in Harmony


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