How Do You Say Goodbye?

We just found out our 12 1/2 year old dog, Bartley, has pancreatic cancer. I'm so torn up with how to say goodbye to such a loyal and trusted friend.

Our pets are not just there to show us unconditional love, be our companions and be the family pet. They play an important part of absorbing our thoughts, emotions, being our confidents and wanting to make our lives the best that they can. When we feel sad or upset they not only feel it they take it in and try to transform those emotions into something positive for us. They become our receptacle for what they hope is change. And when we celebrate, they celebrate with us.

Bartley has been my almost constant companion for all these years, a Momma's Boy. He knows everything about me and has heard all that I have had to say and feel. It feels selfish in a way to mourn so much for the emptiness I will feel when he is gone knowing that his time has come and he's had such a full life. I will miss his gentle soul and seeing him sitting in the backyard quietly watching the deer around him as they wander through. He had a respect for other animals and loved them all. He taught me a lot about gentleness, loyalty and being humble.

I can't imagine how anyone gets through such a time with their furry family member but I know it can and must be done. Our house will feel empty for quite a while and I will miss his presence always by my side. Hug your furry ones today and thank them for being there for you.

Live.Grow.Be in Peace


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