I had the most inspiring conversation with a gentlemen last week that I just had to share with you. I asked him about what other jobs he had done in his life, he's probably in his late 60's maybe early 70's.

He proceeded to tell me that in his early 20's he used to be a rodeo guy, even rode a bull once because some guys said he should he try it. He remembers the buzzer going off and the next thing he knows he's laying on the ground with the bulls front feet on either side of him. When the bull moved he rolled out from under him and the bull went the other way thankfully! He never rode another bull. But because of his rodeo life he broke so many bones and had so many injuries!

He proceeded to tell me that he spent his life doing a variety of things and has had such a full interesting life. He has so loved his life and tried everything that was placed before him. He is so happy with his life and the many adventures he has had. He said to me that he could die today and not look back and wish that he had done anything differently. I have never heard anyone say such a thing with such happiness, contentment and wonderous sparkle in their eyes. Such beautiful, deep and knowing blue eyes. It gave me goose bumps hearing him speak these words and it has inspired me to this day.

I had supper last night with someone who knows a lot more about him and how surprising it was to hear about the deep sorrows he has experienced in his life. And yet, knowing this, he can still feel this way about his life.

I don't have the ability to undo what I have lived thus far. I honestly can't say that I wouldn't change some things about my past. But what I do have the ability to do is dig deep and see if I am able to take this inspiration forward so that when the day comes and someone asks me about my life I might be able to say, in the last 30 years I would not change a thing. It's been a full life and I am so happy with everything I did and the choices I made. What about you?

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