It's Ok To Runaway...

Well, maybe I should clarify that statement a bit. Life gets hard sometimes and difficult. Stressors build up and you feel like you're going to explode or implode. The line from Forrest Gump begins cycling through your head, "Run Forrest, Run!". But others would say "Man Up" or "HTFU (Harden The F*#$ Up)".

Yes there are arguments to be made for both sides and neither is right or wrong. It depends upon the person and each individuals situation. Some people may refer to this as self care, a timeout or even a vacation....for me it's running away, plain and simple. It's not running away forever it's about running away for a set amount of time.

What have I run from? Home remodeling taking a nosedive and having to jump through hoops to get it back on track again. Being an adult and trying to care for said house in the midst of chaos and caring for the people I love as well. And other things that I won't bother listing here as it doesn't matter. What matters is that I got depleted and knew that I had to runaway by myself for myself. To leave everything behind and let my husband handle whatever needs to be handled. You may say that's selfish but I argue that it would have been more selfish to stay and continue melting down, biting everyone's head off and not being a constructive part of any solution.

Will all of those stressors still be there when I get back? Or when you get back? Yes, maybe not all of them. Running away for a couple of days allows for space so that you can breathe again and clear your mind. Strengthen not just your body but your mind and spirit. When you do step back in to your life you are whole again or at least partially so!

I remember the first time I watched Gone With the Wind and there was an intermission. Take an intermission once in awhile....Runaway!

Live.Grow.Be and Runaway!


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