It's Ok To Take a Break

And that's just what I did! I took time to breathe, look within and see what I had been neglecting. The signs were there telling me that I was not taking care of me. There were these dreams with the same common theme of me cleaning up messes, other peoples messes, and then they would come and make a mess again! Then yell at me to clean it up. I felt like Cinderella.

What I realized is that I spend so much time 'cleaning up' after others, not my clients mind you because that is a collaboration that I thoroughly enjoy! It's the cleaning up of others negative energies, harmful comments and my own lack of awareness or laziness to have a better understanding that these things don't belong to me. Or in some way maybe they do.

Each of us are walking a separate journey whether we are in a relationship, friendship or marriage. In these relationships we each bring filters through which we define the actions or words of others and what may be an innocent comment by someone can be felt as a stab of pain to us. It's up to us to communicate that we have these filters and then it's up to others to honor it. That's where the cleaning up comes in. And it's not just in personal relationships but also in the relationships at work and even in the random people you run into.

If you've done your work enough to know what your boundaries & limitations are then verbalize them, calmly. The hope is that others are mindful enough to honor them. If not then there's a mess, especially if it's a personal relationship! Who's going to clean it up? Hopefully with a lot of work on both sides it will be a joint effort. But sometimes it's just one person that is always Cinderella until a messenger of some sort pops in to show her or him the faults of their ways. And there are several faults.

  1. In order to get respect you must have respect for yourself.

  2. When you keep 'cleaning up' after others & don't set and enforce your boundaries you prevent others from doing their inner work.

  3. Confrontation does not equal anger & fighting.

  4. There is freedom in silence and also in speaking. It takes silence to listen with the heart and also speaking from the heart. When you lead with the heart most often it will not steer you wrong.

  5. Not vocalizing your boundaries and cleaning in silence builds resentment.

It also can cause some back pain!!! Lack of support...from self or others 🙄

I hope that everyone is staying safe, is healthy and finding some happiness during this interesting time in the world. I have extended my lower rates through the end of May if you feel drawn to having any Reiki or Coaching. It's always an honor to work with you.

Live.Grow.Be in Peace


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