It's The Back....

As I sit here on day three of a locked up lower back feeling frustrated and tired of the pain I finally decide to go to my book of enlightenment of these things. Your Body's Telling You: Love Yourself! by Lisa Bourbeau.

So I know the lumbar region is about support but the interesting part is it's connected to the 'having' in one's life. Having a home, a partner, a job, money, etc. It's thinking that you need all of that in order to feel supported in life but don't want to admit it to yourself or even others because you want to do it yourself.

In some way a person believes that they will lose their freedom by helping others or that other people will not be there for them. We need to believe that we have everything we need to care not just for others but also for ourselves.

The other part of this is people not recognizing or hearing what it is that you need or want to feel secure and supported. And some of those things may be material and that's ok. Sometimes it's in having these things that shows us that we don't really need them for our security. And that's ok too!

My take away in looking at all of this is that I'm in the business of giving to others and there's times that I want to be on the receiving end. And I can be, I have all the tools to take care of myself and that includes a voice asking directly for what it is I need. And part of this is we're still looking for a house, the other one feel through, and we have different needs and desires. It's hard trying to find a house that fulfills both of our needs and I think it becomes hard to listen to one another after so many months of looking.

But when you're stuck in a chair or on the couch without being able to move around much you have a lot of time to think. It's important to not just be heard but to also listen and figure out where you can find a compromise. And that is what every relationship eventually comes down to in order to work. So now that I've come to this sudden epiphany, does that mean I'll be back to my old tricks tomorrow!? 😊

Live.Grow.Be in Back Health


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