Keeping It Simple...

I have been thinking long and hard about how to respond to George Floyd's death. I feel that everyone has said so much and the best thing for me to do at this point is to keep it simple. My heart is heavy with grief but I do feel hopeful as I cannot live without hope. I do believe that people are not born to hate and that when they have been taught to hate they can unlearn it. My ultimate hope lies in our younger generation who are not afraid to use their voices and not afraid to challenge the systems that have been in place for far too long. These are the new visionaries for our world and I for one have learned so much from being with them and watching them.

In the past few weeks I have made a huge shift in life. I have come to see the world and all of its complexities through the eyes of compassion and love. The statement 'What we resist, persists' is so true. If we come at a situation or person with anger, judgement or violence then that is what we will receive. If we come with love and an heart that is open to humanity we receive peace. It may be a peaceful beginning or possibly a peaceful ending. But isn't every ending just a new beginning? Does this make sense??

Here's my commitment: I will use my voice to stand up for blacks and all races, for the LBTQ community, a persons right to religious choice and a persons right to live their life the way they choose in peace. I will listen and learn as much I can from all people, hear their stories and ask how I can make a difference in their lives. Right now the black community needs our attention and that is where I will focus mine.

There are all kinds of organizations online that you can check out where you can donate time and/or money to assist in the fight for justice for black lives. For myself, I found a group that is not spending any money in the economy on July 7 unless it is with a business owned by black entrepreneurs. Most major cities have developed a list of these businesses and published them online. In this way we support the black community and also send a message to the government who right now is all about the economy bouncing back. This is just one example of how I am getting involved, I hope that you will or have thought about what you will do to create a positive effect on the future of our world for us and for those who come after us.

Live.Grow.Be in Black Lives Matter


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