Let's Be Honest

There's a new trendy word out there 'transparency'. I just like to call it what it is, honesty. It's not a difficult thing to do if you think about it. Just be honest.

It makes any relationship true. Whether it be a friendship, marriage, work relationship or yes, even yourself. Admit a mistake, tell someone you love them or tell that person that things are just not working out between you. It can save time and energy not just for you but for them. The time we waste on telling people what we think they want to hear instead of being true to ourselves is time wasted in life.

This doesn't mean that we have free reign to run at the mouth and be hurtful to others. Be diplomatic and serve your truth through the compassion and empathy of the heart. If we were to be compassionate AND honest in our relationships it would allow the options for true intimacy to occur whether it be with that current person in our life or someone else.

Can you cause someone pain? Of course, but to prolong that pain is not necessary. It is possible to deliver bad news without causing extra pain by being harsh or pointing fingers. Why must we find fault with others at times to justify our bad behavior? Is it not possible to simply be honest that we aren't feeling the love once we did, that we feel made a mistake and out of anger talked behind someones back or something as simple as we are not interested in a second meeting after that first coffee meet up from online dating. Wouldn't you want someone to be honest with you?

I know for me that once I have taken that step at being honest with someone else and/or with myself it leaves me feeling so relieved and lighter. Once you've taken the first step each step thereafter is easier. So be honest! And as you be honest let it be tempered by the heart. Maybe instead of a trendy word we can start a new trend!

Live.Grow.Be in Honesty


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