Life Goes On

We said goodbye do our beloved furry family member last week. One of the hardest things we had to do but a blessing that we gave to him so he could pass with dignity & no longer suffer. The house has a silent energy but we are adjusting. We went away for the weekend and upon coming home, with much trepidation, we were welcomed with a beautiful gift that I wanted to share.

Our daughter had taken Bartley's dog dish and created a succulent garden out of it and placed his dog tag on it. It was a beautiful symbol for us that in the sad passing of Bartley there remains life. I'm a big on tools and visuals which is why I'm sharing this with you.

When something helps me, I figure it might help others get through tough times. I look at that dog dish every day and it makes me smile for a couple of reasons. One because it reminds me that beauty continues after such sorrow. It also makes me giggle because I imagine how confused he would be that his dish would be filled with plants and soil & the look he would give me!

What a perfect healing gift to have that we will treasure (for as long as I can keep it going!). ;)

Live.Grow.Be in Healing


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