Love & Blessings from a Grandmother

I'm sure there are many of you that can tell stories of a loved one passing and then seeing a sign from them either in nature, a picture that falls over for no reason or a song that plays at just the right moment when you're missing them and it was your song! It's truly amazing to receive these signs and know that our loved ones are with us and yes, watching over us.

This week a friend shared a Facebook post with me that captured the beauty, love, tenderness and the heart touching blessing of such an experience....IN PICTURES! Such magic emanates from these photos that I was overcome with goosebumps and emotion.

I'll give you the quick background first: Before getting engaged Brooke's grandmother unfortunately passed. Her grandmother had a deep love for Monarch butterfly's. So the day that Brooke and Drew have their wedding and the photographer,, is taking their pictures who do you think shows up? Grandmother, as the most beautiful, loving monarch butterfly bestowing such blessings of love and happiness on Brooke and Drew. And Laurenda captured the moments in stunning pictures that will be lifelong treasures for the couple and I'm sure they will be handed down to their children & grandchildren with a story that will capture their hearts and minds.

And notice that Grandmother doesn't just fly around them but look where she lands. Blessing the union of their newly united left hands, showing such love for her granddaughter and new grandson-in-law. And peacefully Brooke and Drew accept who is before them with open hearts. No, they didn't speak to this in the story but the moments that Laurenda captured show it and this joyous couple's faces tell us all we need to know.

I have always known that my loved ones were still with me since the day my brother, Bill, died when I was 15. I felt him around me then and still do. But to see this so magically captured and validated for me and so many.....I am in awe. It took the Universe (Spirit, God, Buddha, whatever your personal belief system is) opening the hearts of Brooke & Drew to each other, blessing Laurenda with such artistry and the ultimate blessing of a Grandmother's strong love to create such perfection in time.

Thank you Brooke, Drew and for being so gracious in allowing me to share your magic. And a very special thank you to Grandmother for showing us so vividly that even when our physical bodies are no longer there for our loved ones to see, our spirits are right beside them. There is such comfort in this story as I'm sure you, Brooke, felt but now that Laurenda & all of you have entrusted me with sharing it, it can spread comfort to so many more. Many years of happiness, abundance and blessings to all four of you.

Live.Grow.Be in Love


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