Purge, purge, purge...

I do Feng Shui for clients. I've studied the art of Black Hat Feng Shui which is the western art of it. It's a bit more apologetic and works more with intention. But what is true with both eastern and western Feng Shui is that clutter messes with the mojo. It clogs up the energy in ones home and office.

Yesterday we worked on our store room! UGH!!! Now I'm not one to hoard at all, not that I'm judging people who do. I just am not one who has done so in my life. I typically apply a basic rule that if I love it then it can have a place in my home. But, when you have kids you tend to keep all of their stuff. I had artwork and notes from kindergarten through.....well, beyond! Yes, I went through every paper yesterday and relived every memory. I went from 3 plastic bins down to 1, SUCCESS!!!! We also created a pile of items to be donated by going through other stuff.

As a result I woke up at 3am this morning thinking about all that we had gone through and wondering about the 'room' we had created. You see when you do a purging like that you create space for something new in your life. Now does that mean that I can start gathering up new things to actually fill up that space? No. What it means is that energetically you have created a space for new possibilities to prosper. Perhaps it's a new business, new idea, an energetic shift forward in life or in our case a possible new home sooner rather than later.

If the energy in your home, office or even in your life is feeling stagnate sometimes all it takes is the purging of a closet or two. Maybe changing out some old decor that you've lived with for 5-10 years that you're tired of looking at. Change out those old photographs with some up to date ones. Rearrange some furniture. It's amazing how it refreshes the energy in a space and opens it up for something new to happen. And make it fun! Invite a friend or a couple of them over to support you and ask the hard questions! Do you love it? Would you move it with you across the city? When was the last time you saw this? Is there someone else that would enjoy this more than you? Don't forget to take a break and have lunch!!!!

Live.Grow.Be in Purging!


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