React or Create?

We do tend to react to life instead of creating a life we want. Oh I know we do go about creating it with education and looking for jobs, searching for our purpose. But then someone or something happens and wham! We react to what's in front of us. We then step out of creation and into reaction.

If we can take a moment in these times and take a breath we can find the place where creation can continue. Reaction comes from a place of 'I have to do something to protect myself or my loved ones right now'. Yes, sometimes that is appropriate. But there are so many times that we need to find a place to keep creating our life.

My best example of this is from years ago in life. I wanted to go back to school and get my degree in psychology. I applied and was accepted. I took some summer sessions and had applied for financial aid. Before the fall session began I received a letter saying that I was not approved for aid. I was so disappointed and instead of continuing to create my dream I reacted and packed up & moved to California. I didn't bother to investigate other options and stick to my dream. I reacted out of emotion and a feeling of failure.

Funny thing is that a couple of months after moving, I received a letter of acceptance and never uttered a word to anyone. I threw the letter away, tucked my tail and kept on moving. I wish now that I had continued to move forward and created my dream. Instead I could have taken a breath and jumped into creative mode. There was nothing keeping me in California and as quickly as I had moved I could have moved back. At the very least I could have considered it. I stayed in a job that I hated, living with a person who was unkind to say the least.

That's the thing about reacting and creating. Reaction keeps us from moving forward, it keeps us stagnate. Creation is movement and the art of doing. Yes, it was a lesson for me but a lesson that is to this day one I find hard to swallow. Take a moment and intentionally create your life every day. The days fade away fast and pretty soon there's limited time. You deserve the life you dream of.

Even when you look at the words it's a simple change. How close it is to change R E A C T to C R E A T E.. Move the letters around, add a letter. Makes you you want to react or create?

Live.Grow.Be in Creation


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