Reiki and Anxiety, An Example

Oh how anxiety can change who we are or how we see ourselves. How does Reiki effect anxiety and can it? Yes it can first and foremost. Is it a long term cure, there is no way of saying. I don't recommend Reiki being the only form of treatment being used for clients who are or have been experiencing long term, extreme anxiety. It can definitely be used as a complimentary form of treatment to therapy and medication.

How does it work, well first and foremost Reiki is very calming and alleviates stress. During the session as we work on balancing chakras alone a lot of information can be obtained. Just recently as I was working on someone with anxiety their third, fourth and fifth chakras were blocked. This informed me that they were coming from a place of insecurity and lack of self empowerment. Their heart chakra was protected with a wall and they were not able to speak their truth. This was very informative for me.

As the session went on there was a lot of burden and heaviness on their shoulders. As this was a distance session I could not clarify this until I spoke with them afterwards. I worked on their shoulders, balanced their chakras and also worked on their weakened state of being. All the while not knowing that they were dealing with anxiety.

On our call I explained the problems I was presented with and at first it didn't make sense to them but as we talked further about the issues they were dealing with and how the effects of their chakras being blocked would be manifesting for them it made perfect sense.

When you are questioning yourself and maybe choices you have made or have to make in regards to your life, it brings up a lot of emotion within you. And most of us don't like to reveal to others that we are caught in a cycle of insecurity within. As a result we tend to go within and close off to others. This results in walling off our heart, not only to others but ourselves, and not using our voice to ask for help. Before you know it we have begun an emotional cycle of thinking about shoulda, woulda, coulda, do I, don't I, who am I and you get the picture. I'm already feeling anxious just typing this! Some of us aren't even aware of what we're doing we just know we're feeling edgy and can't sit still.

With the awareness of what was happening within them the client soon realized not only were they experiencing anxiety but why. This is how Reiki can help. Sometimes the situation is simple enough that a client knows what simple change or shift they need to make to alleviate the situation. Other times it's a complex issue that requires a professional therapist to assist them to find relief and I do know my limitations.

I hope that this helps some of you to understand on a deeper level how Reiki can help with so many different things, not just anxiety. This is just one example.

Live.Grow.Be in Calmness


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