Shift Happens...

And what happens is you drop out of life for awhile and process what's happening externally and internally. You go about the regular 'have to's' of life but set aside the things that aren't priorities. And that's what I've been doing.

I know many of you have experienced that everything happens at once. You have a lull in life and believe that this is the golden opportunity to begin that big project that you've been putting off for so long. It could be remodeling a room, beginning a business, looking for a new job or reorganizing an existing business model. You begin and then the drama begins. A personnel problem arises, a family illness, a marriage proposal or it could be 2 or 3 things happen. The pressure mounts. But you can handle it you say to yourself.

Then the mind begins to work and ruminate. On what you might ask? Name it...Why am I restless, frustrated, worried, stressed? Am I enough? Did I remember to do XYZ? Should I have? Could I? You begin to realize that if something doesn't give you're going to break or you're going to explode.

Stop! Take a breath! Take 10 more! Close your eyes, be quiet and listen to your breathing. Feel your chest rise and fall. As thoughts appear go back to your breathing and let the calm wash over you. When you feel at peace tak a pad and pento list your priorities. TRUE PRIORITIES. Is dusting or vacuuming a priority right now, no. Is writing a post for your website a priority, no. Rewriting your resume for a new job, yes. Running to the grocery for food for the empty fridge, yes. You get the picture!

With the free time that opens up as a result of letting go of the unimportant stuff you begin to deal with the thoughts. This is where the shift happens! All of these changes that you began creates the shift. At this point you may be thinking, "Well, if that's what happens then count me out!" No, count yourself IN! The added stress, effort and work is worth it. YOU'RE WORTH IT! Without shifts in life we don't grow or have the chance to become the best authentic version of ourselves.

It's like any career or job. At first you have the learning curve and it's challenging which can be both good and bad. Then all of the sudden it's like everything begins to click in your mind and the routine begins. Your confidence builds and the comfort grows. Maybe you get promoted or you realize it's time to move on. The process starts all over again but each time your knowledge expands, your esteem increases and your wisdom is a goldmine. As each job/shift happens you know the work is there and it will be hard but deep inside there is excitement because you know there is a big 'payment' on the other side.

Live.Grow.Be in the Shift


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