Signs from Beyond

Have you had loved ones pass away in your life and you relate symbols, things or signs from nature that you know are messages from those loved ones letting you know that they are with you? I have talked with so many people who have and I have them myself. They are such wonderful gifts.

My husband and I are going through a big change in our lives by moving from our home of 25 years where we have raised our children and had so many memories. It's difficult to leave but change is sometimes refreshing & necessary as you have completed the growth that was necessary in one spot. There's a saying that monotony is the awful reward of the careful and I think we've both been feeling a bit of this.

So the process of showings on our house began this past weekend when we were out of town on a trip. I felt some trepidation about strangers walking through our house almost as sense of violation. But as we left the house my phone unexpectedly and weirdly connected to my husbands car. Almost immediately the song "Sweet William" came on which is the song I associate with my brother who passed away. This was also our first clue that my phone had synced up with his car! We both smiled and mentioned how Bill was with us today.

Then my husband proceeded to tell me that on his bike ride the night before a deer ran in front of him with a rabbit. The rabbit is a sign from my best friend who passed away several years ago and again we smiled that Ny was with us too.

Sometime later we went to a store and as we rounded the corner to the entrance there sat a smaller version of our dog Bartley who we lost the end of February this year. We couldn't believe our eyes! The spitting image of what he looked like when he was just a pup. We approached the dog and it was just as friendly and relaxed as Bart. We felt so surrounded by love from beyond!

When we finished shopping we both mentioned that we had yet to hear from my sister, dad and mom. On the way to our destination about 3-4 hours later what comes on the radio but my sister and I's favorite road song!!! We would listen to it every time we went on a road trip somewhere belting it out as loud as we could. How could this be happening?!

But we're not done yet! We got to our cabin in the mountains and unloaded the car, got settled in. It had been about an hour and I was changing into my clothes for the event that night and I looked down on the floor by the bedroom door & there sat a dime. A sign from my dad!!! He leaves me dimes whenever he's around. I screamed with delight!!!! I also had no idea why they were all around us. Was it support, was something going to happen that was going to rock our world? I really began to question.

I wasn't sure how mom would show up as I had only ever dreamed about her. But believe it or not....the next day I received a text from my niece sharing a memory that popped up on her photo app that day. A slide show guessed it.....MY MOM! Smiling and a couple videos of her talking and laughing. Well, that's the whole group I thought to my self! I'm not sure why they've shown up but sometimes it's not our place to question but just to accept the love and support.

And maybe that is the bottom in all of this. Whether it's visits from those beyond or from people around us now, don't question why we are loved, being supported or being given so much from others. Just relax and receive. What matters is they see worth in you and since we seem to have such difficulty seeing ourselves clearly there are times we need to see ourselves through another persons heart. Whether you believe in hearing from your loved ones who have passed or not, I hope you see the love that surrounds you today.

Live.Grow.Be in Love


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