Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

Now let’s talk turkey.  Not cooking it but what turkey symbolizes in our life.  For example if you’re driving down the road and a wild turkey crosses the road, suddenly you start seeing pictures of turkeys everywhere & it’s not Thanksgiving or dreaming about turkey’s!  That’s a message coming to you from nature, the Universe, God, whatever your belief system is. Let’s dive in:

Turkey sacrifices everything for others lives.  This shows us that we could be entering a time of sharing our good fortune or maybe we need to.  They also roost nightly together in the trees for safety another sign of sharing and also finding strength in numbers.  Do you need to begin to reach out to others for strength?  Have you been hoarding your abundance not willing to freely share??  The time may be now.

The male turkey has a red growth in the middle of his forehead which is where the third eye is located.  The source of inner knowing, intuition or some people say psychic knowing which is considered a feminine energy.  This can be seen as the balance of male/female energy.  Are you leaning too heavily in one direction or the other and need to balance it out?  Are you being too harsh with others and not compassionate enough??  And if you’re seeing/dreaming about male turkey’s in particular are you not listening to your intuition?

Nature is so beautiful to look at and amazing to be in!  But there are messages being given to you.  If you have questions about animals that you’ve been seeing or dreaming about, let me know!!

Until next week

Love. Grow. Be in Giving


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