The Chaos and Whirlwind!

This describes the energy of May for me, what about you? It seemed that there was multiple things going on all at once, it all had to be done at the same time and nothing was easy. I'd wake up in the morning feeling like it was going to be great day, energy was positive, easy going and then it just seemed to bust at the seams. When I would try to accomplish a task there would be blocks galore, trying to post on this blog was IMPOSSIBLE. Breathe, I would say to myself as I say to my clients. Well, some days I'd breathe so frequently I'd almost hyperventilate!

June has arrived and I am cautiously optimistic. Although the calendar is filling up it is with events and people that fill my heart & soul. I am now finding time in the past couple of days to notice nature around me. The trees budding, flowers blooming and the deer are once again passing through the yard. I have a new visitor now, a rabbit that stops twice a day within my view and we share a few minutes staring at each other.

I've mentioned before that animals have meaning and we should pay attention to the message they are bringing us. Rabbit means to get rid of 'what if' in your verbiage and stop worrying about what might be in the future, trying to exercise control over what might be. Your fears. What we resist, persists. What a great message, not just for me but for all. You, me, the country and the world.

If we can choose instead to find some beauty and positivity in life as a collective group we can make change. Not just for ourselves but for our communities. Is life all pretty and positive, no! But could we find someone or something that we could support who we feel is promoting positivity in our space and thereby being a kind, loving part of humanity? YES! It's a beginning and not an ending. And sometimes that's what we get caught up in is the ending of things instead of the beginning.

I needed this message after the chaos of May and take it as a ray of hope for June and the future. My hope is that this message helps you as well to reframe some of what you may be feeling. Hope can give strength.



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