The Resurrection Plant

I came across the most unique, amazing thing over the weekend. It's called the Rose of Jericho or the resurrection plant. I have never heard of it before but oh how intriguing!

The true plant comes from Africa or Asia and the false one comes from the US or Mexico. They can be quite small and look like a ball of dried up dead twigs or a dead plant. But when you put it in a dish or bowl of water, not a lot of water, it begins to grow. It literally comes back to life! You let it grow for about a week and then let it go dormant again for about 2 weeks or longer even and then grow it again.

You can use this plant to promote abundance in your home or business, clear negativity, bring peace to your home or business, and you can use the water as a type of holy water to bless objects, your home or even people. If you want to create abundance in your business you can place coins or even a citrine stone in with the plant as it grows. You could also use any stone to magnify the energy of that stone with the plant.

If you keep a jar filled with the water from growing the plant, when you get enough you can use it as a spray to smudge your house with. There's so many uses you can think of.

The plant itself is even so cherished in some families that it is handed down through generations. Isn't that amazing?! Just think of the love, intentions and positive energy that gets handed down from generation to generation.

If you're interested in more information about the Rose of Jericho just google it! There's tons of information out there and you can order yourself one online. I can't wait to resurrect mine!

Live.Grow.Be in Amazement


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