The Ripple Effect

To dig deeper on my previous post "Shift Happens", I've been thinking about the ripple effect that these shifts in our lives have on those around us. It's a reverberation that seems to begin within us very quietly and then as it crescendos others outside of us hear it and respond. They may enjoy the sound and beat it makes against their heart but others find it grating and annoying. They are somewhat repulsed with the constant vibration.

We cannot control others responses to our changes anymore than we can control the change of seasons as they come and go. We are in control of whether we change at all. There are some that resist change at all costs and others like me who welcome it and desire it.

I've always loved the change of seasons. Seeing natures' miraculous shift from color & full life to thirsting for moisture in the hot sun to the glorious colors of fall and the still quiet dormancy of winter. I attempted one time to live in Los Angeles one reason, there were several, I left was because I missed the change of seasons. The drastic change. I desire change in my life because for me it means I am not stagnate. I am ever growing within myself and challenging myself to be better.

But as I grow so do my expectations of myself. I expect more in the sense of respecting me, loving me and listening to me and my intuition. And when I expect these things of myself the ripple effect is that I change the boundaries and expectations of how I am to be treated outside of myself. Now this may sound arrogant to you and yes, it could be taken to that level. But it's all about coming from a place of compassion for self & others, a place of humbleness and a place of knowing the difference between respect and selfishness.

If you choose to or are making changes within know that there will be those that don't enjoy the ripple effect of those changes. That's ok, not all relationships are meant to make it through your entire life. They are there for a part of it and the memories will be rich & new relationships will form. The other beauty is that there will be those that will move through the changes with you no matter how difficult or uncomfortable it may be. The work is hard but the blessings are many - just as winter is bitter cold but spring brings such beauty.

Live.Grow.Be in the Changes


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