The Transformation Game

What a Saturday! On the recommendation of a friend I went to a day long 'event' Saturday to play The Transformation Game. I trust this friend so much that I immediately signed up! Then I went to the website to read up on it more. I got a bit more skeptical because it's a board game, at least it looked like it.

As the date got closer I remained determined to be open to the process, whatever it was. I have to be honest though that a bit of anxiety started to creep in the day before. Breathe, Diane, breathe! It's a board game and you'll be with people you know.

Well, little did I know that this was so much more than JUST a board game! It starts with your intention which is what you're playing for. And this is not a fluffy throw something out there intention. Nancy Jones, the facilitator, gently walked each us through pinpointing exactly what each us wanted to play towards. Then the game begins!

Now let me be clear about the terms being used here, game and play. According to the dictionary they are as defined as follows:

Game - a form of play or sport, especially a competitive one...

Play - engage in activity for enjoyment or recreation...

The Transformation Game is a form of play but not competitive. And although we did have moments of enjoyment and yes, celebration, it was transforming. It is far too complex to describe and I would not attempt to do so as part of the entire process is to not know what to expect!

Let me share though that I learned what blocks me & I cleared those blocks, what my pain is, what my attributes are and how those attributes strengthen me to move forward in life. I also was able to release the pain because I was ready to and I'm tired of hanging onto it. Now it's not just a simple "oh, I have this pain and I'm ready to release it", Nancy was so good at facilitating the conversation necessary to help me release it.

Nancy and her expertise in facilitating this game is amazing. I am so grateful to her and to my friend who recommended this wonderful experience.

If you're interested check out .

Live.Grow.Be in Transformation


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